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What is MLM Unilevel Compensation Plan?

The MLM Unilevel plan is a popular compensation structure used in multilevel marketing (MLM) companies. It is characterized by its simplicity and unlimited width, allowing distributors to build a wide and deep organization.

Here's an overview of the MLM Unilevel plan:


In the Unilevel plan, distributors can sponsor an unlimited number of frontline distributors directly. There are no restrictions on the number of distributors a person can recruit in their frontline. This creates a wide organization with multiple levels of distributors.

Depth and Levels

The Unilevel plan typically has unlimited depth, meaning distributors can build their downline as deep as they want. Each distributor recruits new members directly, and there are no limitations on the number of levels in the organization. However, some MLM companies may set a maximum number of levels to ensure manageable growth and fair compensation.

Commission Structure

Commissions in the Unilevel plan are based on the sales volume generated by the distributor's downline. Each level of the organization may have a different commission rate or qualification criteria. Distributors earn commissions on their personal sales, as well as on the sales volume of their entire downline organization.

Textual Explanation of a MLM Unilevel Plan:

Level 1 Member (YOU)
Level 2 Recruit 1
Level 3 Recruit 2
Level 4 Recruit 3
Level 5 Recruit 4
Level 6 Recruit 5

In this example, you are the distributor at Level 1. Recruit 1 is directly sponsored by you and is placed on Level 2. Recruit 2 is directly sponsored by Recruit 1 and is placed on Level 3, and so forth.

Each distributor in the Unilever Plan can earn commissions and bonuses based on the sales volume or performance of their downline. The exact compensation structure may vary from company to company, but generally, the more recruits you have in your downline and the more sales they generate, the higher your potential earnings.

Advantage of MLM Unilevel Plan

  • Simpleness

    It is rather easy to comprehend and implement the Unilevel plan. It incorporates a simple set-up where distributors can expand their downlines by adding new people immediately beneath them with no level restrictions.

  • Unlimited Width

    The Unilevel plan allows distributors to sponsor an unlimited number of frontline distributors, in contrast to certain other MLM models. This opens up several chances for expansion because there is no cap on the amount direct distributor may individually recruit.

  • Team Building

    The Unilevel plan promotes teamwork and encourages distributors to focus on building a strong and supportive organization. Distributors have a vested interest in helping their downline succeed since they can earn commissions on their sales volume. This creates a cooperative and collaborative environment.

Disadvantage of MLM Unilevel Plan

  • Limited Depth

    In the Unilevel plan, distributors are organized in a single level, meaning there is no limitation on the width or number of frontline distributors. However, it typically limits the depth or the number of levels a distributor can earn commissions from. This can restrict the potential for exponential growth and income generation, as it may not incentivize distributors to build deep downlines.

  • Inequitable Distribution of Commissions

    Due to the lack of compression or balancing mechanisms, the Unilevel plan can lead to an unequal distribution of commissions. Distributors at the top levels of the organization typically earn more, while those at lower levels may struggle to earn significant income. This can create frustration and dissatisfaction among distributors, affecting their motivation and retention.

  • Lack of Depth Incentives

    In the Unilevel plan, there may be limited incentives or bonuses for building deep downlines. Since the focus is primarily on width, distributors may not be motivated to support and train their downline members to expand beyond their first few levels. This can result in a lack of teamwork and collaboration within the organization.

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