Breakaway / Generation MLM Plan

What is Breakaway / Generation MLM Compensation Plan?

The Breakaway or Generation MLM Compensation Plan is another type of multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation plan. It is designed to reward distributors for building and developing large sales organizations by achieving specific sales or recruitment milestones.

Here's an overview of the Breakaway/Generation plan:


The Breakaway plan is characterized by generations, which are formed as distributors break away from their upline. Each generation represents a level of the organization. For example, the first generation consists of the distributor's personal recruits, the second generation includes the recruits of the distributor's first generation, and so on. The number of generations may vary depending on the MLM company's compensation plan structure.

Breakaway Structure

Breakaway plan, the distributor organization is structured into various levels or generations. A distributor starts as part of a group or "leg" and works towards achieving specific qualification criteria set by the MLM company. Once those criteria are met, the distributor "breaks away" from their upline and becomes an independent leader of their own group or team.

Compensation Structure

The compensation in a Breakaway/Generation plan is typically based on sales volume or team performance. Distributors earn commissions or bonuses based on the sales made by their organization, which includes the sales made by their downline distributors within specific generations or levels. The higher the generation, the lower the commission percentage tends to be, as the distributor has already "broken away" from their upline.

Textual Explanation of a MLM Breakaway / Generation Plan:

MLM Plan - MLM Breakaway / Generation Plan
MLM Plan - MLM Breakaway / Generation Plan

Advantage of MLM breakaway / Generation Plan

  • Leadership Development

    The Breakaway plan provides an opportunity for distributors to develop leadership skills and become independent leaders within the organization. As distributors break away and form their own teams, they are responsible for managing and motivating their downline, which helps them develop leadership qualities and take ownership of their business.

  • Autonomy and Flexibility

    Once a distributor breaks away, they have more autonomy and control over their organization. They can make decisions regarding team building, training, and business strategies without constant reliance on their upline. This autonomy allows distributors to tailor their approach to their specific team and market, providing flexibility in building their business.

  • Increased Earning Potential

    The Breakaway plan offers the potential for higher earnings as distributors advance through the generations and achieve higher ranks. As they break away and become leaders of their own teams, they can earn commissions and bonuses based on the sales volume and performance of their entire organization. This can provide significant income growth and financial rewards for successful leaders.

  • Leveraged Effort

    The Breakaway plan encourages distributors to focus on building and developing their organization. As distributors break away and form their own teams, they can leverage the efforts of their downline to generate sales and recruitment. This leveraged effort allows for exponential growth and the potential for larger sales volumes and commissions.

  • Incentives for Growth

    The Breakaway plan often includes additional incentives or rewards for distributors who achieve specific milestones or ranks within the organization. These incentives can serve as motivation for distributors to continuously strive for growth and advancement. Rewards such as leadership bonuses, trips, or recognition can further incentivize distributors to build and expand their teams.

Disadvantage of MLM breakaway / Generation Plan

  • Loss of Passive Income

    When a distributor breaks away and forms their own team, their upline no longer receives direct commissions from the sales made by the distributor and their team. This can result in a loss of passive income for the upline, especially if the distributor's team was a significant contributor to their earnings. As a result, the upline may need to continuously recruit and develop new leaders to compensate for the loss.

  • Focus on Recruitment

    The Breakaway/Generation Plan may put a heavy emphasis on recruitment since distributors need to continuously build and develop their teams to advance through the generations. This can sometimes shift the focus away from product sales and customer acquisition, leading to an overemphasis on recruitment efforts rather than building a sustainable customer base.

  • Team Attrition and Instability

    With the Breakaway/Generation Plan, as distributors break away and form their own teams, there is a possibility of attrition and instability within the organization. Distributors may experience challenges in retaining and developing their downline, resulting in fluctuations in team size and sales volume. High turnover rates and lack of stability can hinder long-term growth and success.

  • Complexity and Training

    The Breakaway/Generation Plan can be more complex to understand and explain compared to other MLM compensation plans. The structure of generations and the qualifications for breaking away may require additional training and support for distributors. This can pose challenges for new distributors to grasp the plan fully and effectively communicate it to their team members.

  • Potential for Oversaturation

    In some cases, the Breakaway/Generation Plan can lead to oversaturation of leaders within an organization. As more distributors break away and form their own teams, the market may become saturated with leaders competing for the same customer base and recruitment pool. This increased competition can make it more challenging for distributors to achieve significant growth and maintain a sustainable business.

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